About Nosh Night

Welcome to our dinner club, Nosh Night! We get together, make a ton of food, and sit back to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We like to try new recipes, share old ones, and talk about all things food.

Nosh Night meets every couple months at the host's house (we rotate being host) and the set up is pretty casual. The host picks a theme about a month in advance and makes the main dish. Each guest brings something that goes with that theme and we make sure beverages and desserts are covered as well.

Most of the cooking happens once we arrive at the host's house. In this case, too many cooks in the kitchen isn't necessarily a bad thing and we cook in shifts if needed. Each dish gets explained, including preparation details and why it was chosen. Since we all hope to sharpen our cooking skills, feedback is also shared (in a constructive way, of course).

Hope you enjoy following our journey!

~Nosh Nighters